Williams Sonoma Catalog Cover!

by admin on August 14, 2013

I finally get to announce the launch of our products with Williams Sonoma and the fact that we are on the cover of their Fall Catalog!  It’s been a challenging process that began over a year ago.  To see it materialize is truly exciting!

As you know I’ve stayed away from wholesale distribution but after meeting the WS team I had a sense that they shared in our passion.  Because of the high volume of their order my first reaction was to have a bigger operation produce and pack for us.  I quickly discovered that our methods of production were not condusive to such operations…too time consuming.  Not willing to compromise our quality levels, I told our WS buyer that we would not be able to do the deal.  When she heard the dilemna she was very passionate about their desire to have us stay true to ourselves and they would support us in all ways to produce in house.  Their desire to have authentic product motivated me to try to make it happen.

I still had to really think about this as we produce about 480 units a day…and their order was weeks worth of production…and we had to keep up with our internal production…and could I really ask my crew to pack that many cranberries into bottles?!!  Truly on the fence, I went to the powers that be…Margarita and Lourdes.  They have been doing all of our production for over 10 years…and I told them the situation.  They didn’t even hesitate…”we can do it”… they exclaimed…”we want to do it!”.  With them on board I decided that we would go for it.  It’s been a long road since that day….with lots of roadblocks and long days…but my entire staff pulled together as a team and made it happen.  They took pride in every step of the way…and so did our vendors…Cape Blanco Cranberries, our Balsamic Producer who we’ve known for 20 years, our olive growers….everyone who was a part of this venture did so with great enthusiasm…which as always translated through to the finished product.

Now that the last pallets are being shipped we need to shift our focus to our new exposure….and we would appreciate a little help from you!  We are obviously going to be exposed to a lot of people who do not know us like you do…so if you’d like to help us in spreading the word then we’d love it if you would give your honest feedback on the WS website.  If you use our extra Virgin Olive Oil perhaps you could write a short review on Our EVOO product page or if you’ve had our Cranberry Balsamic Vinegar, it would be great if you could share a review on the Cranberry Balsamic product page...if you just have a general comment about our Company you can share that on the featured story page.

Word of mouth is why we exist and now we have a great opportunity with your honest feedback to build our community so we can continue to grow and have positive impact!

Thank you for all of your continued support!

In gratitude,


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Jen Dwyer November 12, 2014 at 11:47 pm

Hi Peg,
I tried to leave a review on WS website, but it doesn’t look like your products are on their site yet.
Congratulations on everything!


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