Twin Sisters Harvest Day Three

by Peggy OKelly on November 27, 2010

Day Three was the most special of all because my parents came along.

Here are my parents talking with Stephen Smith, one of the many family members who own Twin Sisters Ranch.  If it wasn’t for my parents, I wouldn’t have known not only how far back the family goes (SIXTH generation Napa Valley) but also that we grew up with a portion of them.  As they were all comparing notes, the harvest continued.

I was so thankful for the good weather because the orchard was pretty dry.  My dad could take the hike in to see the action up close.

Paul, Bettenelli Vineyard Mgmt, was the perfect host….

Once the truck was loaded, we headed over with the olives to McEvoy Ranch.  It was a good thing my mom was with us because we were detoured in Petaluma because of the Veterans Day Parade.  She was able to navigate through the neighborhoods of Petaluma to get us back to the Point Reyes Highway….not an easy thing to do with a semi truck full of olives counting on you.

We arrived at McEvoy in time to see the continued flow of our oil from the olives brought in the night before.  Today I was having 6 tons of the olives go into the Stone Press rather then the Blade…it was ready and waiting.  So, our olives came right out of the field and went directly into the press while we were there…

A big thank you to all the people who made this a great day…from the Ranch to the Mill…..and of course, to my parents!

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