The Feast of San Giuseppe

by admin on March 12, 2009

My favorite thing about living in Florence is there is no end to celebration…..this month it is the feast of San Giuseppe.  The festival celebrates the coming of spring and St. Joseph, the patron saint of the family and pastry cooks…..and the unofficial saint of fava beans.

As we’ve learned, the Italians celebrations are always inclusive of food….during this holiday, the fornos(bakeries) are making pastries in the shape of moons, stars, baskets, flowers, fruits and symbols of the holy family.   Traditionally,  the woman make bread all day for up to two weeks before  the festive day, March 19, and will cut the dough into shapes, glazing it with eggs and lemons before baking.

The traditional families create an altar overflowing with food and garlands and the people who are less fortunate are invited to share in the bounty.

On March 19, everyone must consume at tleast one dish with bread and one with fava beans….these foods are the bearers of luck and health!

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