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Santa’s Elves Busy At Work

by admin on December 12, 2010

I spent this morning at a new property that we are harvesting, HH Ranch, in the Oakville appelation.  It was a last minute deal that looks like it will yield a first class oil.

When all was good at the Ranch, I ran back to Rutherford to check on the troops.  As I walked through the back door, I felt a shift in energy….I looked around….and then around again….I felt as if I had entered Santa’s workshop.  Everyone was on task and working hard on every level to meet your demands….and this holiday, you have had huge demands….which we appreciate….but weren’t expecting.  We’re on it though…thanks to this stellar crew and their amazing work ethic and positive attitudes.

Reach out and comment if you’d like…as they deserve continuous pats on the backs!

Caitlin is normally Rutherford Retail Lead but she has seamlessly transitioned to Internet Sales Coordinator…..she’s a bit obsessed with how your orders get picked…..we like that.

Deanna normally works the retail floor….but lately has transitioned into helping with graphic design (check out our blog! ) and now she is one of Caitlin’s website pickers….because she is very picky.

Karen normally floats in retail between Rutherford and St. Helena stores….she has transitioned into personal shopping for customers who need help with the perfect holiday gifts.

Chelsea has returned from the University of Denver for the holidays.  Over the years, she has worked the retail floor…, she is running the retail store.  Go Pioneers!

Chris just started last week…he is a senior at St. Helena High School….he started in filing and has gone up the ranks quickly and is now UPS Label Guy.   Go Saints!

And then there is Beto and Armando….they are shipping all of your packages….does that scare you?   They are actually very meticulous guys who take their shipping and you seriously.

Their fearless leader, Jesus, is off today but he would be very proud!

And here is Scott…the fearless leader of them all.  I believe he is on the phone with his psychiatrist…..

(Kayla is holding down the St. Helena store today and Sandi, normally working hard in St. Helena is enjoying a day off.)

A huge thank you to them all!

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