Happy Earth Day – Harvest 2011/2012 Release

by Peggy OKelly on April 19, 2012

As many of you know, the olive harvest in California was off by more then 30%. Although our harvest was down significantly, we’d like to honor Mother Earth on her day by celebrating what she did give us! The only property that we could harvest this year was Twin Sisters in the Suisun Valley. This is our second year harvesting Twin Sisters and we are grateful for the partnership we have formed with the Smith Family…a fifth generation Napa Valley family.

We let the crop hang a little longer this year as the cold weather slowed the ripening process…it got a little precarious at the end because the olives were still very green but allowing them to stay on the trees any longer would put them at risk of frost damage…so I finally called the pick. Because our crop was small….9 tons vs. 30….I decided to bring a mill to the property so we could produce the freshest oil possible. The magic of the extra virgin olive oil being bottled while the crop was coming in was indescribable….I wish you could have been there! For the next best thing, check out this video of the Twin Sisters harvest created by one of our staffers.

In honor of Mother Earth, we would like to openly thank her for the crop that we did get this year. A little tough love reminds us to continue to take care of the planet. A very dear Peruvian Shaman recently told me …  “NOTHING on earth is yours but all of it is here for YOU” … we need to remember not to take things for granted and that the Earth does need care, consideration, reverence and love so it can continue to bring goodness to our future generations.

Happy Earth Day!


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Stagecoach Harvest

by Peggy OKelly on December 6, 2009


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Life after Florence

by admin on August 19, 2009

Thank you all for your interest in our transition home.   You could probably infer by the lack of my blogging that it has been..hmm…a bit overwheming?  I came right back into our busy season with a million ideas and inspirations.  There are so many stories I could tell about the adjustment of the last month but I will let them surface as they may.  I can tell you that things are different….we are different…..we walk a lot more…..we spend more time with our friends and family…our priorities are different….yes, even the kids.  My girls have asked to cook more then they ever have in the past….they complain about ingredients….lack of flavor….expense….they don’t generate as much laundry….ha….we will see how long that lasts!  Although they have hit the ground running, there is this new bond between us…a knowing…that life is good…life is precious….and life is finite….therefore, simply LIVE.

I have to admit that I was a bit anxious returning home.  I was excited to see everyone but wondered how I would possibly replace a lifestyle that aligned beautifully with my soul.   In reflection,  I realized that our days in Italy were focused on food and family…and the people we met were passionate about their life….whether it was farming olives, owning restaurants, making wine, holding cooking classes, retailing produce….these people were inspiring… they added energy and joy to our journey.   The lifestyle was definitely in alignment with my soul…..but really,  the experience aligned my soul…and my soul would come home with me.

I learned that we all have the ability to live peacefully.  Places and people may make it more simple or more complex…but in the end, we can find peace anywhere and with anyone as long as it is within us…and although I previously had never lived in Florence nor have any Italian heritage, my journey truly felt like a trip home….I suppose it was because it led me back to my self….ergo I conclude…..home is wherever YOU are.

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