Settled in Florence in 10 Days!

by admin on January 9, 2009


We have had an amazing week…so packed with events that it could have been book 1 of a series! Kaelin completed her first week at the International School and with a bit of coaching, mastered the bus system in Florence. She is sporting her new uniform and has been welcomed with open arms by her peers. She can go on autopilot for now…last task for her is finding a City soccer league…then she’s set!

Emily starts at Sacra Coure on Monday…a beautiful Catholic School on the top of a hill a few blocks from the International School… that meeting was a short story in itself….all the nuns were in full dress….I went to Catholic School so it was not unusual to me…but Emily became very quiet….and then entered Mother Loupoi! She was an older woman who came up to Emily’s shoulder….you could see she was very Italian even though her eyes, nose and mouth were all you could see….at that point, I even got a bit scared! 🙂 As soon as she began to speak, we felt an immediate sense of relief…she was jovial, intelligent and welcoming….she said Emily will need a tutor a few days a week as they only speak Italian…but, in their experience, she should be speaking very well in about two months…hard to believe!…they only go to school 8 – 1pm and then they stay and do homework until 3pm and then they do art, music and volleyball until around 4:30pm…

In general most of the kids in Florence go to school Monday – Saturday until 1pm only….I found VERY little info on public schools before we arrived but now know the drill….if you ever need to know.

And finally..we have a home…for now we are staying in the heart of Florence…and we love a tiny apartment filled with amazing history and warmth…

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