Contest – Predict Our Yield and Strike it Rich

by Peggy OKelly on November 8, 2010

We have an bountiful harvest this year….and it’s ready to start coming in!  It’s the biggest year in the history of St. Helena Olive Oil Co. We anticipate harvesting up to 30 tons of LOCAL olives….all within 60 miles of our home in Rutherford, CA.   This translates roughly into 1,000 gallons of oil!  Although it’s exciting, it can be worrisome as well.  We don’t ever know exactly how many tons will come off a property nor how much the olives will yield in oil….not to mention what it will actually taste like.  Sure we can judge by industry averages and prior year experiences but it’s not an exact science…and that makes a former CPA a little nervous.

So, to calm my nerves, I’ve decided to make a game out of it.  It may seem a little complicated at first but it’s really not…and you can win the first bottles of  limited Napa Valley Extra Virgin Olive Oils ranging from $60 – $500!

The Game Overview

When harvest date is closing in, we will post a blog about that property and it’s historical trends….we will give you all the information that we have….and some industry averages…you guess (in the Comment section of that post ONLY)  how many tons will come off of that property and how much oil it will yield.  The person or persons who guess both the yield will receive a free bottle of the Olio Nuovo (new oil) from that property.  The bottles will be the first that come off the line and they will be numbered and signed to indicate the authenticity.

We harvest multiple properties in the Napa Valley and surrounding areas so you have mulitple chances to win.  And….there will be a GRAND PRIZE WINNER.

The Grand Prize Winner will be the person who comes closest to our total yield for all properties.  There will be a post at the end of our harvest season that you will then guess the total yield for all properties.  The one who comes closest to our actual Total Harvest yield will win a mixed case of all of the oils from the various properties….a $500 value.

ONE AND ONLY ONE CATCH……In order for us to play the game, we have to have a minimum of 100 participants.  They don’t have to guess on every property…just 100 different people who have taken part on any level.  If at the end of harvest, we tally the participants and it is under 100, then NO prizes will be given out.  We will help by tweeting, facebooking, emailing our lists, etc… but you have to pass on the word…we need you to help generate the buzz….so let your friends and family know what’s going on and build the game so you can STRIKE IT RICH!

I sound like I’m a game show host but honestly, I think it will be fun to share this experience with you.  I will post constantly about what’s going on with the properties and you will see pictures and videos of the harvesting and pressing of the olives….and you have a chance to score the first bottles from the yield!  Hey..those are usually mine!  It’s the next best thing to being there…and maybe better because you don’t have the stress of the business side of it all….wow…that would be nice. 🙂

To get into the contest, read the following posts and take a guess!   Guess the Yield #1 Twin Sisters Property and Guess the Yield #2 Rutherford Runway

Good luck to us all!

Ciao. Peggy

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