Our First Day In Florence

by admin on January 1, 2009

Arriving in a foreign country where you intend to live is much different then arriving on vacation….we have tasks to do…..we have so much to do in the 10 days that Chris will be with us….our goal is to have a home, schools set, kids set, cell phones, a gym, knowledge of the bus lines….as soon as we touched ground there was no time for jet lag….game on!

January 1….Describing Day 1 in Florence

Busy day and am now hitting the sack……we are still trying to figure out our internet connection so it will probably be hit or miss til we are settled. The girls had TOTAL jet lag…slept from noon on….just tucked them in from the couch to the bed! Chris and I walked the entire City today and tried to find the international school….we were out for close to 4 hours walking…..brought back some hot chestnuts for the girls……but they were still sleeping! 🙂 The funny thing is when I left I said that I wished they were going to walk with us…..they said Mom, we just want to watch a movie and rest…..we do this when we are vacation from school….and I said ya I know but that is when we are at home…..and they both said, in unisom…..ya mom but we ARE home! 🙂 I just laughed and realized oh yea….we have plenty of time to explore! ….the girls said they would be ready to rock tomorrow…..we will see!

New Years was great….very LOUD and we watched the fireworks from the Arno River….a bit surreal…between jet lag and the reality of where we are…I’m not sure how much I absorbed…but it was amazing!

I look forward to settling in a neighborhood that isn’t in the middle of it all…..a little peace outside my window will feel good… right now there is not much in my head!

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You Will Not Believe This!

by admin on December 31, 2008


when I traveled with K and Em here many years ago….I think they were 5 and 7ish……we spent two days in Florence…..I was walking them down a street and looked in a bar where there were many people having a good time……and I remember thinking how fun that looked and having a bittersweet feeling of where my life was at that time…..I then bought a jacket in a boutique a few doors down for a ton of money ….and I remember thinking that I shouldn’t do it but it had “life” and an arrow pointing forward on it….I bought it as a symbol to myself….that was a great trip but also tough…my first time out of the country and a lot of uncertainty in my life at the time….new life with the girls….new business…new home…new career…in the Napa Valley….I hold great memories from it but also bittersweet…..

Important to note : I had NO clue nor could have taken you to that boutique nor that bar if you would have asked….I couldn’t have even described them to you.

Are you ready for this?!

Fast forward to this journey…first day…..Our taxi dropped us off at our apartment and we settled in. Chris and I then went out to explore..turned left out the front door and began to soak it all in…I walked no more then two doors down and looked in at the jovial sounds coming from the Bar….I stopped…..and immediately knew….this was THE bar….and I looked across the street….and there was the boutique…..NO JOKE….We went into the bar and had a drink…I told Chris the story and we toasted…..because nothing in life is a coincidence. I knew at that point that this journey was a gift…and to enjoy it to its fullest….no matter what the days ahead may bring!

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