by admin on May 19, 2009

Right now my mind is like an L.A. freeway….not quite at a standstill…but close. There are so many thoughts stacked up that there is little movement. Every time a thought starts to move, another cuts it off. Every thought wants to go….but no “one” can…there is no path.

Is it because I’m sitting on the couch?…ah….my familiar chair…much better. It’s become a ritual to me…to sit in this chair to write. Hmm…will I have to ship it home with me? Oh no…we are moving in a week to a new pad around the corner (ok they are beginning to cut eachother off again)..where will I sit there?

Ok….wait….I need to make an outline and tackle all of these things one by one. This is why procrastination killed the cat….or was that curiosity? Anyway, I’m screwed because I haven’t written…I’ve been selfish and have absorbed all these amazing experiences and have not shared….and now the chickens have come home to roost. Good thing the cat is gone.

Now…let’s be mature….the outline please…….

1. DID WE EVER GET IN? How the kids and I got in the house on that perfect day….Judi is waiting anxiously! 🙂
2. HOT ITALIAN TRAINERS INCREASE GYM TRAFFIC. We joined a gym…girls have never been so anxious to workout.
3. HOW MANY ITALIANS DOES IT TAKE TO MAKE PANZANELLA? Perfect Panzanella after accumulating recipes from everyone from the glass sales person to the man who hooked up our internet.
4. LIVE TO TELL. OH…the gas leak….I’ve been sick in the morning….very lethargic….turns out we have had a gas leak in my bedroom since day one…thank God for the internet man who found it!
5. SOCIAL MEDIA INSANITY. With your encouragement, I’ve diven…or is it dove….deep into the world of social media. It’s the largest ocean I’ve ever been in and at times can’t see my way out…I’m still suffering from vertigo from the recent rapid ascent.
6. THE LAUNCH OF OUR NEW BATH CO AND BLOG, ETC…want your input on our blog before it goes to the masses…you will be directed to it in a second. Make sure you learn your Italian word and soak in the beauty for the day!
7. COOKING CLASS WENT UP IN FLAMES. I finally took a cooking class…….met Sharon through Elisabetta’s….cooked an eggplant for the first time in my life!
8. PLEASE RSS FEED…TWIT…FACEBOOK….ME or something so I don’t have to keep paying my email service…my savings equates to your savings…I was a hold out too but we can do this…change is good.

AH…we are finally moving…slowly but the thoughts are beginning to move and make way for clear passage. So stay tuned as I begin to unravel…..

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