INNA jam?

by admin on August 30, 2011

It Takes One To Know One.

When a Meyer Lemon Marmalade class sells out within a few hours, you have to wonder who the instructor is.  I love Meyer Lemon Marmalade as much as you but come on…a sell out in less then a day online?  Something was up.

Out of curiosity and a bit of irritation that I didn’t make the cut, I decided to find out who this “Dafna Kory” was.  Thanks to google, I easily found her lovely website, INNA Jam and became immersed in her story.  Her site gave me an immediate sense of her being and it was not hard to know that she was a woman at the beginning of a journey that I would like to know more about.  Not one to shy away from impulse, I quickly shot her an email and introduced myself.

Dafna responded immediately and in no time we were chatting on the phone.  Dafna came right through the telephone..or would that be cell phone… her energy, her passion for her products, her tales of growth spurts that were taking her off of her bike and into the kitchen full time.  Needless to say, she was inspiring and her products sounded yummy.

Because we didn’t carry jams in our stores, I decided to order for our Club Members only.  She was making her raspberry jam at the moment so I went with that.  Kaelin and I were headed to the City that week so I decided to pick up the delivery.  Although she was using a small commercial kitchen at that time, the pick up was at her home.  As we drove up the long driveway, it was not hard to distinguish her home…the UPS boxes on the front porch gave her away.  Kaelin and I had a good laugh and talked about “those days”.  I remember when my house was bursting with product and I cleared one room just so I could have a space that wasn’t about St. Helena Olive Oil Co.  You love having it around you but when it’s in your space 24/7, it gets a bit overwhelming.

Dafna greeted us at the door.  Her house was immaculate and there were stacks of raspberry jam waiting for us in her living room.  She was excited to have a large order and as excited to receive the check.  As we loaded the car, Dafna shared her story and that of her products…and what makes good jam….and the growers of her fruit…and the growing out of where she was but not yet able to take that next step…it all sounded too familiar.  Part of me was happy to be past the angst of those days and another part yearned to be back in them….there is an innocence….a true passion that drives you almost to the point of what some would consider lunacy and/or reckless abandon.

As the last box was loaded and I climbed in my car, I had no doubt that Dafna was on her way to creating a thriving business.  She had it all….the passion…..the energy….the commitment to the planet and therefore, her product….the determination….and most critical…..the innocence…the abandon…and yes a little bit of lunacy.

I was a better person after meeting Dafna Kory.  She reminded me to stay a bit reckless and embrace the “little” lunacy that has driven me throughout the years.  Her jams now represent that to me….her energy is present in the finished product which is how I know she will be a name to remember.

Her Jams: Her jams speak for themselves.  They are made in small batches…she was adamant about adding more pots vs. bigger pots to keep the quality.  They are seasonal….she’s making as much jam as possible before we go into the winter months as last year she ran out….the fruit is organic….sourced within 100 miles of her kitchen…she knows the growers….she uses less sugar then most jams…and the taste…..well, I don’t know you but I think you would be hard pressed to make a better jam in your own kitchen.


Update: Months later Dafna is moving into a larger kitchen….adding more stores to her customer list….not able to deliver much on a bike anymore….still making her own deliveries but I noticed her sister was on the last one….a sure sign that will be handed off in the near future….all signs that are leading to a dream coming true!   Needless to say, I’m proud to be a part of it and excited to be able to offer it to our online community.


We currently have 5 flavors available online and in our stores: Star Blueberry, Polka Raspberry, Royal Blenheim Apricot, Seascape Strawberry, and Plenty Spicy Jalapeño!

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