Riffing on Organic Spicy Heirloom Pasta Sauce

November 20, 2010

Fight it as much as we might, this year’s tomato season is kaput. To be sure, supermarkets and even local farmers’ markets still have tomatoes to sell, but even the best examples from mid-November pale in aroma and flavor compared to those from the peak of the season. If you canned your own it’s time […]

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Talking Turkey

November 14, 2010

With Thanksgiving practically here, and Christmas on the horizon, the season for turkey is about to rev into high gear. And we strongly recommend sourcing a fresh heritage breed over the typical supermarket variety. The difference is not insignificant. For the past 8 years or so I’ve been purchasing heritage breeds, or what I like […]

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Lemon Accented Roast Chicken

November 7, 2010

After well more than a decade’s worth of experimenting with every which way of roasting chicken, we’ve hit on a most consistently satisfying method. Need we add that the single most critical element for success is the chicken itself? The horrors of mass-poultry production are well known and need not be repeated here. And yet […]

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Three Ideas for Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce

October 28, 2010

A larder rich with choices not only makes for more creative cooking, it also comforts us with the knowledge that, should we not have the time to shop, or are rushed to prepare dinner, a deliciously satisfying meal can still be created on the spot. In this spirit, St. Helena Olive Oil Co. has created […]

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Wild Salmon with Orange Extra Virgin Olive Oil

October 22, 2010

Our Orange Extra Virgin Olive Oil marries two of California’s most heavenly crops, Mission olives and Navel oranges, which are added to the press to create this bright, citrusy, and flavorful extra virgin oil. It’s great simply drizzled over fish, poultry, pasta, and other items, but gains complexity when used in conjunction with vinegar. These […]

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A Focus on Rare Balsamic Vinegar

October 6, 2010

Balsamic vinegar is one of those products that, while exotic, appealing, and sometimes very pricey, many of us aren’t quite sure exactly what to do with. Here are two lovely Mediterranean-style recipes we’ve selected to showcase our rare 19-year-old balsamic vinegar, which we’ve sourced from a tiny artisan producer in Modena, Italy for the past […]

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Ricotta Fritta (Fried Ricotta)

April 24, 2009

Elizabetta’s was a nice respite from the rain…..we bid our usual ciaos and I announced my hope for the evening…..I wanted to make Ricotta Fritta (Fried Ricotta). I had found a recipe as I always do but SO look forward to Elizabetta’s spin. Today, she had a perplexed look and said ah yes….we make this […]

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Risotto Bianco con Basilico

April 9, 2009

This is the best risotto I have ever made….it was so creamy and filled with natural flavors…. Ingredients 2 pints stock…again we use vegetable Butter 2 cloves of garlic 14 oz. risotto rice Parmesan cheese A bunch of basil Organic Grey Sea Salt St. Helena Olive Oil Co. Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil Instructions Heat […]

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Minestrone Zuppa

April 9, 2009

I always thought that minestrone would be too much to attempt….way too many ingredients. But…after many requests….I decided to attempt it…..when I began to tell my grocer what I needed he immediately knew I was making zuppa….so he began to pick out my ingredients even before I could say and then added some that I […]

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Zuppa di Farro — Farro Soup

March 19, 2009

Another popular soup of Tuscany…. To serve 4 you’ll need: * 6-8 ounces farro * 3/4 pound ripe plum tomatoes (or canned tomatoes), chopped and seeded * 2-3 ounces pancetta * Grated pecorino toscano cheese, or Parmigiano (romano will be too sharp) * 2 cloves garlic * 1 onion, finely sliced * A small bunch […]

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