History of Stagecoach Vineyards

by admin on October 16, 2008


Settlers in the 1800s first took advantage of the well drained soils and optimum growing conditions found on the Stagecoach property. Each harvest, the settlers would haul their crop by horse and wagon into Oakville…catching some of the highest prices. By the early 1900s the increase in deer population brought the crops to a hault…leading to the abandonement fo all viticulture on the hill by Prohibition.

Fast forward to 1995…..The Krupp family started developing Stagecoach Vineyard with the help of a few longtime friends. An excavation of a half million tons of rocks and a eureka find of water later, the Krupps were able to develop over 500 plantable acres. Stagecoach is the largest contiguous mountain planting in the Napa Valley. Stretching from the westernmost regions of Atlas Peak all the way to the east overlooking Oakville, this 1200+ acres of rocky, volcanic terroir graces the southern edge of Pritchard Hill.

Spending time on this ranch has been surreal…you can sense not only the great respect that the Krupps have for the history but also for mother nature…the vegetation, whether it be vineyard, sagegrass or olive trees are satisified…well cared for….and eager to produce the best. There is no doubt that this land has the potential to produce one of our finest Extra Virgin Olive Oils…and I’m going to do all I can to ensure that it does!

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